Non-Teaching Staff

Sr NoAttendance From - ToDownload
1Periodic Performance Report From 02-Sep-2019 To 08-Sep-2019attend non- teaching 02-09-2019 to 08-09-2019
2Periodic Performance Report From 09-Sep-2019 To 15-Sep-2019attend non-teaching 09-09-2019 to 15-09-2019
3Periodic Performance Report From 16-Sep-2019 To 22-Sep-2019attend of non- teaching 16-09-2019 to 22-09-2019.
4Periodic Performance Report From 10-Oct-2019 To 16-Oct-2019attend non-teaching 10-10-2019 to 16-10-2019
5Periodic Performance Report From 17-Oct-2019 To 23-Oct-2019attend. non teaching 17-10-2019 to 23-10-2019
6Periodic Performance Report From 24-Oct-2019 To 30-Oct-2019attend. non teaching 24-10-2019 to 30-10-2019
7Periodic Performance Report From 31-Oct-2019 To 06-Nov-2019attend non teaching 31-10-2019 to 06-11-2019
8Periodic Performance Report From 07-Nov-2019 To 13-Nov-2019attend. non teaching 07-11-2019 to 13-11-2019
9Periodic Performance Report From 14-Nov-2019 To 20-Nov-2019attend. non teaching 14-11-2019 to 20-11-2019
10Periodic Performance Report From 21-Nov-2019 To 27-Nov-2019attend non- teaching 21-11-2019 to 27-11-2019
11Periodic Performance Report From 28-Nov-2019 To 04-Dec-2019attend non-teaching 28-11-2019 to 04-12-2019
12Periodic Performance Report From 05-Dec-2019 To 11-Dec-2019attend non-teaching from 05-12-2019 to 11-12-2019
13Periodic Performance Report From 12-Dec-2019 To 18-Dec-2019attend non-teaching from 12-12-19 to 18-12-2019
14Periodic Performance Report From 19-Dec-2019 To 25-Dec-2019attend non-teaching from 19-12-19 to 25-12-2019
15Periodic Performance Report From 03-Jan-2020 To 09-Jan-2020attendanc non- teaching 03-01-20 to 09-01-2020.
16Periodic Performance Report From 10-Jan-2020 To 16-Jan-2020attendance non-teaching 10-01-20 to 16-01-2020
17Periodic Performance Report From 17-Jan-2020 To 23-Jan-2020attendance non-teaching 17-01-20 to 23-01-2020
18Periodic Performance Report From 24-Jan-2020 To 30-Jan-2020attendanc non- teaching 24-01-20 to 30-01-2020.
19Periodic Performance Report From 31-Jan-2020 To 06-Feb-2020attendance non- taeching 31-01-20 to 06-02-2020.
20Periodic Performance Report From 07-Feb-2020 To 13-Feb-2020attendance non-teaching 07-02-20 to 13-02-2020
21Periodic Performance Report From 14-Feb-2020 To 20-Feb-2020attendance non-teaching 14-02-20 to 20-02-2020
22Periodic Performance Report From 21-Feb-2020 To 27-Feb-2020attendance non-teaching 21-02-20 to 27-02-2020.
23Periodic Performance Report From 28-Feb-2020 To 05-Mar-2020Attendance non- teaching 28-02-20 to 05-03-2020
24Periodic Performance Report From 06-Mar-2020 To 12-Mar-2020Attendance non- teaching 06-03-20 to 12-03-2020.
25Clarification notice in place of not to upload Biomatric AttendanceClarification notice in place of not to upload Biomatric Attendance from 14-03-2020.
26Periodic Performance Report For Month Aug-2022Attendance non-teaching-staff--aug-2022.
27Periodic Performance Report For Month Sept-2022Attendance non-teaching-staff--sept-2022.
28Periodic Performance Report For Month Oct-2022Attendance non-teaching-staff--oct-2022.
29Periodic Performance Report For Month Nov-2022Attendance non-teaching-staff--nov-2022.
30Periodic Performance Report For Month Dec-2022Attendance non-teaching-staff--dec-2022.
31Periodic Performance Report For Month Jan-2023Attendance non-teaching-staff--january-2023.
32Periodic Performance Report For Month Feb-2023Attendance non-teaching-staff--february-2023.
33Periodic Performance Report For Month Mar-2023Attendance non-teaching-staff--march-2023.
34Periodic Performance Report For Month Apr-2023Attendance non-teaching-staff--april-2023.